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We checked in online to get my son a haircut. We were told that the check in time would be 6:49 (an hour and 39 min wait). We showed up, and waited outside until he was next. We checked in up front, and confirmed that we were next. There was another family that had been deleted off the list somehow, and visibly looked frustrated. Kenya started to take a member of the family back when I asked how long the wait would be. The father told us that we could go first. I only had 1, and they had 4 waiting for hair cuts. I encouraged him to go first, and after insisting multiple times that my son go first I offered to pay for his hair cut. He said that it wasn?t necessary, that they were leaving. After they left Kenya made a remark under her breath. Feeling confused I asked Kenya if they were first, or that I didn?t understand what happened with the list. Her response was that?s what happens when someone has attitude. It took me a second to realize that she was referring to me. Once I did, I simply said that he didn?t say that at all, and I didn?t understand why she would say that. She continued to make rude remarks, and then asked another gentleman in the waiting room for his name. She refused to cut my sons hair, and even with a 90 waiting list, sat in the back until someone else was free to take my child. On her way to the back, she exchanged words about what had happened to the key holder in front of us. At 35 years old, this is my first negative google review. I believe in grace, and courtesy. I also believe in understanding that sometimes the situation is out of someone?s control. This was not the case. Kenya was extremely unprofessional, and I am hopeful that this review is brought to a managers attention. The way she treated my son and I was not only unprofessional, but inconsiderate to everyone else who was waiting for a haircut. To hide in the back until a child was seen by someone else caused an even longer wait for everyone else there. The family that was deleted from the list went back on the list to their original places. Which was 6 spots down. The only positive take away from our experience here was that the stylist we ended up with (the key holder) was incredible. She did an amazing with a 3 year who dislikes haircuts. She was patient, and understanding! She even had amazing product recommendations.

4 rating

Quick service. Not much of a wait. Wasn't too happy with my haircut but no place is perfect.

5 rating

Always a great job will return

Rated 3.8 out of 5.0 based on 71 Client reviews

Danielle W. | November 21, 2021 Google

" We checked in online to get my son a haircut. We were told that the check in time would be 6:49 (an"

Dustin P. | October 29, 2021 Google

" Quick service. Not much of a wait. Wasn't too happy with my haircut but no place is perfect."

warren j. | October 14, 2021 Google

" Always a great job will return"

Benjamin L. | October 7, 2021 Google

" Make sure your stylist reads the ticket, they may shave your head ?. Felt like I was back in bootca"

Cody L. | August 8, 2021 Google

" Ashley did an amazing job! I will be going to her and this location from now on! -Cody"

Ryan H. | August 4, 2021 Google

" Good service, not a long wait time. Requires you to check into online portal prior to getting hairc"

Senigify | July 14, 2021 Google

" Short wait, friendly service"

Brandon B. | June 14, 2021 Google

" Trash location, with absolutely no customer service skills. I checked in online, for first availabl"

Frank D. | May 3, 2021 Google

" First "real" haircut since pandemic started... great experience... Kendra did great job with the me"

Phyllis D. | April 29, 2021 Google

" This place is so unorganized that I left and went somewhere else. They wasn't friendly or professio"